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Focused on generating cash flow for our clients

  • Founded in 1995
  • Independent Research
  • $614 million Under Management
  • Fee-Only Compensation Structure
  • Wholly Owned By Our Partners

Independent Expertise, Individualized Attention

Northstar approaches the investment management business differently.

We put our clients’ interests first, providing prompt personal service, in-house technical expertise and a transparent fee structure that ties our success to yours.


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Who We Serve

We work with individuals and families to help them build portfolios to support their lifestyles. For our clients who are saving for retirement, we have an investment strategy focused on accumulating wealth.  For those living off their money, we have a portfolio designed to provide distributions. 



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Income-Focused Investment Advice

We focus on investing in businesses that provide us with cash flow, which helps increase the probability of building both wealth and income in our client portfolios.  


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Meet Our Team

Northstar is led by a team that understands the risk and return parameters of the financial markets and can offer prudent and careful guidance. Read our bios to learn more about our credentials. 

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News & Leadership 

Northstar’s principals are often sought out for their investment advice by leading media outlets as well as some of Denver’s largest non-profit institutions. Review our insight and community contributions.  

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The Pros and Cons of Moving Closer to Your Children

April 13, 2017 — Dividends can be a wonderful source of income in retirement. But retired investors, in particular—who don’t have a steady paycheck from a job—need a Plan B, says Charlie Farrell, chief executive officer of Northstar Investment Advisors in Denver. “The key is to really think through how you would react to a big stock-market decline and how you will ‘bridge’ that decline,” he says.

Should You Jump Into the Stock Market Now?

April 2, 2017 — "If you’re trying to figure out the “right time” to get in or out of stocks, you’ll usually do yourself more harm than good. It’s essentially impossible to identify the major inflection points in markets."

How Much House Can you afford and Still Retire?

March 5, 2017 — "Here’s the problem: Lenders don’t think about how much you need to save for retirement. They look at your income and immediate expenses. Thus, in their lending formulas, money that should go to retirement savings goes to cover a higher mortgage payment."

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Call (303) 832-2300

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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We'll Take It From There

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